Man pages for dincerti/cea
Health-Economic Simulation Modeling and Decision Analysis

bootstrapBootstrap a statistical model
checkInput validation for class objects
custom_tableCustom CEA summary table
expand_hesim_dataExpand hesim_data
fast_rgengammaRandom generation for generalized gamma distribution
flexsurvreg_listList of 'flexsurvreg' objects
form_input_dataForm input data
form_object_listForm a list from '...'
form_paramsParameters from a fitted model
form_PartSurvCurvesForm 'PartSurvCurves' object
form_PartSurvStateValsForm 'PartSurvStateVals' object
formula_listList of 'formula' objects
hesimhesim: an R package for high performance health-economic...
hesim_dataData for health-economic simulation modeling
iceaIndividualized cost-effectiveness analysis
incr_effectIncremental treatment effect
input_dataInput data for a statistical model
joinedJoin statistical models at specified times
lines_dtData table of treatment lines
lm_listList of 'lm' objects
params_joined_survParameters of joined survival models
params_joined_surv_listParameters of joined lists of survival models
params_lmParameters of a linear model
params_lm_listParameters of a list of linear models
params_survParameters of a survival model
params_surv_listParameters of a list of survival models
PartSurvN-state partitioned survival model
part_surv4_simdataSimulated data for 4-state partitioned survival model
PartSurvCurvesPartitioned survival curves
partsurvfitPartitioned survival regression object
PartSurvStateValsState values for partitioned survival model
rcatRandom generation for categorical distribution
rdirichlet_matRandom generation for multiple Dirichlet distributions
rpwexpRandom generation for piecewise exponential distribution
weibullNMAParamaterization of the Weibull distribution for network...
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