Man pages for dincerti/cea
Health-Economic Simulation Modeling and Decision Analysis

custom_tableCustom CEA summary table
design_matrixObtain design matrix used to fit a model
design_matrix.flexsurvregObtain design matrix used to fit a flexsurvreg model
design_matrix.listObtain design matrix used to fit a list of flexsurvreg models
fast_rgengammaRandom generation for generalized gamma distribution
hesimhesim: an R package for implement and analyzing...
iceaIndividualized cost-effectiveness analysis
incr_effectIncremental treatment effect
rcatRandom generation for categorical distribution
rdirichlet_matRandom generation for multiple Dirichlet distributions
rpwexpRandom generation for piecewise exponential distribution
rsampleRandomly sample parameters from a fitted model
rsample.flexsurvregRandomly sample parameters from a flexsurvreg model
rsample.listRandomly sample parameters from a list of flexsurvreg models
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