Man pages for dinilu/paleoCLMs-package
Miscelanea package for paleoCLMs project

applyThresholdApply a threshold to a community matrix.
evalDistEvaluate species distribution predictions from a community...
evalEnseEvaluate community assemblages predictions.
interpolateCoastalInterpolate climatic values in emerged areas.
lmEqnGet equation from a linear model.
loadClimLoad climate data.
loadPollenLoad pollen data.
multiPlotPlot several ggplots in the same device.
paleoCLMs-packageMiscelanea functions for the paleoCLM project
pollenThresholdCreate a dataframe to be used in the applyThreshold function.
poolingDataPool data across time periods.
predFunInverse order in the predict function.
reduceDuplicatedRemove duplicated pollen sites from the same climate grid.
reduceMatrixReduce a matrix by the name of variables.
removeAbsentSpeciesRemove species with low (or high) prevalence in a community...
removeIceAreasRemove Iced Areas from the climate raster/stacks
removeLowQualitySamplesRemove low quality pollen data.
spPrevalenceGet the species' prevalence from a binary community matrix.
trainSplitGenerate random selections of training/testing datasets
vifCalculate Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)
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