Update to previous submission, fixing warnings in examples with UBSAN.

The main change is that the internals of the package have been rewritten to use Rcpp. This means that packages linking to lvec will have to be rewritten. At the moment this is only the package 'ldat' which is also maintained by me. I will submit 'ldat' at the same time with a version restricion on lvec in its Description file (lvec >= 0.2.0).

Test environments

R CMD check results

On some platforms (e.g. Ubuntu; not Windows) the package gives a note that the libraries are larger than 6MB. This is probably caused by the fact that the package links to both BH and Rcpp. The package itself contains only a limited amount of C++ code. I don't think there is much I can do about this, so I hope this is not a problem.

Reverse dependencies

'ldat' links to lvec. The current version on CRAN gives error. As I am also the author of 'ldat', I will submit a new version of 'ldat' together with 'lvec'.

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