Man pages for djvanderlaan/lvec_stats
Large Data Sets

appendAppend a vector to an lvec
as_ldatConvert r-objects to 'ldat"s
chunk.ldatGenerate a number of index ranges from an ldat object
chunkwiseProcess an lvec in chunks
clone.ldatClone an ldat object
duplicatedFind duplicates in a vector
elementwiseApply a function to each element of an lvec
generateGenerate an lvec with (random) values
indexingIndexing of lvec objects elementwise functions
ldatCreate an ldat object
lget.ldatRead elements from an ldat object
lset.ldatSet values is an ldat object
matchValue matching
Math.lvecImplementation of Math group generics for lvec
median.lvecCalculate the median of an lvec
Ops.lvecImplementation of Ops group generics for lvec
ops_summaryBasic summary functions for lvec objects
order.ldatOrder an ldat
partial_sortPartial sort an lvec
quantile.lvecCalculate the quantiles of an lvec
slice_rangeSelect a range of records from an object
sort.ldatSort an ldat
tableCreate cross tables from lvec objects
whichGive the 'TRUE' indices of an lvec
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