Man pages for dkahle/ggmap
Spatial Visualization with ggplot2

bb2bboxConvert a bb specification to a bbox specification
calc_zoomCalculate a zoom given a bounding box
crimeCrime data
distQueryCheckCheck Google Maps Distance Matrix API query limit
file_drawerManage the ggmap file drawer.
geom_legSingle line segments with rounded ends
get_cloudmademapGet a CloudMade map.
get_googlemapGet a Google Map.
get_mapGrab a map.
get_navermapGet a Naver Map
get_openstreetmapGet an OpenStreetMap
get_stamenmapGet a Stamen Map
ggimagePlot an image using ggplot2
gglocatorLocator for ggplots.
ggmapPlot a ggmap object
ggmap_credentialsggmap Credentials
ggmapplotDon't use this function, use ggmap.
hadleyHighly unofficial ggplot2 image
insetAdd ggplot2 insets to a map
inset_rasterCreate a (ggplot2) raster layer
legs2routeConvert a leg-structured route to a route-structured route
LonLat2XYConvert a lon/lat coordinate to a tile coordinate
make_bboxCompute a bounding box
mapdistCompute map distances using Google
mutate_geocodeGeocode a dataset
OSM_scale_lookupLook up OpenStreetMap scale for a given zoom level.
print.ggmapPrint a map
qmapQuick map plot
qmplotQuick map plot
register_googleRegister a Google API
revgeocodeReverse geocode
routeGrab a route from Google
routeQueryCheckCheck Google Maps Directions API query limit
theme_insetMake a ggplot2 inset theme.
theme_nothingMake a blank ggplot2 theme.
trekGrab a trek from Google
windWind data from Hurricane Ike
XY2LonLatConvert a tile coordinate to a lon/lat coordinate
zipsZip code data for the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area from...
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