Man pages for dkrozelle/toolboxR
Collection of functions and scripts for bioinformatics.

append_dfAppend DF using specified overwrite modes
auto_readAutomatic file reader
auto_writeAutomatic file writer
check.valueCheck for explicit value in df
chompRemove leading and trailing whitespace characters from a...
collapse_dtCollapse redundant rows of a df using the Simplify function
entrez_idEntrez text search with filterability
format_column_namesFormat columns names to lower, UPPER or Title.Case
format_datesAutomated date parsing from mixed vector of strings
gpsdb_tableGene and Protein Synonyms Table from ExPASy.
lookup.valuesGenerate function to fetch the value from specified...
merge_redundant_listsMerge and Reduce List of Lists
move_columnsSort specified columns to front of a data.frame
normalize_stringsAutomated normalization of string formats
rancho_project_reportRancho project report latex template
remove_columnsSort specified columns to front of a data.frame
rename_columnsRenames specified columns in data.frame
set.valueGenerate function to set the value of a specified row/column
SimplifyCollapse a complex array into unique components
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