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Convenience Functions

append_rownumber_colQuickly append a column which contains the rownumber
are_names_ofPipe-friendly assigning of vectors when their names are known...
as.condition.gridSet rownames so that the covtable is in condition.grid format
as.datalist.NULLAs.datalist method for NULL
as.parvec.tbl_dfas.parvec for dMod.frames
cfn*.fn in functional form for safe evaluation and allowing for...
cf_normL2normL2 with NULL allowed for data or x
check2sinkWrite the output of the check to a file
checkin_hypothesisGet elements from the .GlobalEnv and turn it into a row of...
checkSensitivitiesCheck function to check sensitivities
compare_named_numericcompare named numerics
compare_namesSetdiff of names
compare_objlistcompare two objlists
construct_parframeHelper function to reproducibly construct parframes
d2d2dMod_dataBring wide d2d format of data into long dMod format
d2d2rImport a model from the D2D definition files to dMod
describe_plotValueInsert description template
do_checkSensitivitiesDo Check sensitivities over a list of prds
docpath2dirpathremove the document name from a document path
evaluate_formalsLoad the default values of formals of a function into the...
extract_derivsAugmentation of getDerivs to subset wrt to...
fitErrorModel_plotGet the nice plot of fitErrormodel
flush_warningsClear the warnings-list
funnames_in_packageWrite a regex to search for all function names in a package
get_compartmentsRead COMPARTMENTS
get_conditionsRead CONDITIONS
getConditions.tbl_dfTry getting conditions
get_derivedRead DERIVED
get_descriptionRead DESCTRIPTION
get_doseresponseRead DOSERESPONSE
get_errorsRead ERRORS
get_fitted_pars_from_readmeGet fitted pars from Readme.txt
get_inputsRead INPUTS
get_observablesRead OBSERVABLES
get_predictorRead PREDICTOR
get_randomRead RANDOM
get_reactions_or_odesRead REACTIONS
get_statesRead STATES
get_substitutionsRead SUBSTITUTIONS
ggshaveggsave() with automatically saving metainformation of how the...
git_add_dMod.frameStage a dMod.frame and all of its DLLs
global_env_withoutList the elements of .GlobalEnv without elements with...
id_testClemens Kreutz Quick identifiability test
insert_fit_analysisInsert some common plots after mstrust into your Rmarkdown...
insert_headerPrint a header to your console
insert_runbgInsert a runbg job
insert_seq_along_x_function_iAddin to insert map(seq_along(x), function(i))
insert_setwdInsert setwd
insert_tee_operatorAddin to insert tee-operator
insert_tee_printAddin to insert tee-operator
insert_unit_testInsert Wolfgang's unit test template
insert_unlinkinsert unlink
insert_values_by_nameInsert values from another vector with some shared names
matrix_2_wide_dfturn a matrix into a wide data.frame
meld_foldersmeld 2 folders
meld_functionsmeld-diff two functions
meld_stringsCompare two strings in meld
msNarrowConstruct a parframe with tightly sampled parameters around...
mypublish_eqnvec2wordtablePrint the odes of an eqnvec in a tex and a docx table
mypublish_matlist2wordmathPrint a list of matrices as matrices in word math environemt
mypublish_matlist2wordtablePrint a list of matrices to a single word file with a table...
mypublish_matrix2wordmathPrint single matrices as matrices in word math environemt
mypublish_namedvec2wordtablePrint the odes of an eqnvec in a tex and a docx table
obj_condition_wiseEvaluate an objective function condition-wise
objlist_templateCreate an empty objlist full of zeros
parframes_summaryQuickly print the number of converged fits
prepare_argpathLook at the argpath of a fit
print_mathematica.characterPrint a character in mathematica format
print_mathematica.eqnlistPrint ode vector in mathematica format
print_mathematica.eqnvecPrint ode vector in mathematica format
print_mathematica.matrixPrint mathematica
print_mathematica.name_equals_valuePrint the values such that they are assignments in...
print_r.df2tribblePrint data.frame as tribble-call
print_r.eqnlist2addReaction_pipePrint an eqnlist as a pipe of addReaction()-calls and insert...
print_r.named_vectornicely formatted dput for named vectors
read_def_contentRead the *.def file an prepare it for later use
readDMod.frameLoad a saved dMod.frame
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relPath_from_1_to_2Relative path between two absolute paths
remove_c_and_oRemove files with endings .c and .o
remove_geomRemove a geom layer
report_dMod.framePrint plots and shit
runtimeThe runtime of some code
send_runbg_mailSend a mail informing you
simulate_dataSimluate data with a dMod.frame
sort_by_nameSort a vector by names in ascending order
split_chunksAddin to insert tee-operator
stage_documentationRoxygenize which automatically git adds stuff
str0str with max.level = 0
str_alignAlign some lines of code along a pattern
str_detect_anyIs (any element) of pattern in any of the elements of vec?
str_escapeEscape all special characters in a string
str_subset_keep_namesstr_subset that preserves names
str_subset_namesubset a vector by matching names against a pattern
str_subset_notThe "opposite" of str_subset.
subtract_by_nameSubtract elements with matching names
tblprint"tibble-print" a matrix
test_dMod.frameTest some basic functionalities of a dMod.frame
thisdocsetwdSet working directory to this document's directory
time_to_seedquasi random seed when a seed is already set
toggle_attach.inputToggle attach.input in a dMod.frame
to_scriptPrint a text into the script
tpaste0Append a time-stamp before a string
trustAna_getArgGet the i'th row of an argpath or argtry as a named vector
trustAna_obj_along_pathevaluate objfun along an argpath of a fit
uhunlist hypothesis
unlink_dModUnlink standard dMod-generated files
unnest_namedUnnesting functions for list-columns
update_hypothesisUpdate a hypothesis
update_versionUpdate versions
wait_for_runbgWait for runbg
zip_dMod.frameZip a dMod.frame and its DLLs
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