Man pages for dmontaner/TiddlyWikiR
Create dynamic reports using a TiddlyWiki template.

alignExtract and replace the "alignment" form 'twTable' and...
labelExtract and replace the "label" form 'twLink' and 'twImage'...
newEmptyWikiCreates a TiddlyWiki template to start working.
refExtract and replace the "ref" form 'twLink' and 'twImage'...
tiddler-classA class to handle TiddlyWiki tiddlers.
TiddlyWikiR-packageTiddlyWikiR: an R package for writing dynamic reports using a...
twBoldBasic TiddlyWiki formatting functions
twImage-classA class to handle TiddlyWiki images.
twLink-classA class to handle TiddlyWiki links.
twList-classA class to handle TiddlyWiki lists.
twTable-classA class to handle TiddlyWiki tables.
wikifyFormat R objects to be inserted into TiddlyWiki.
writeTagsReplace tags within a TiddlyWiki file.
writeTiddlersInserts one or more tiddlers into a TiddlyWiki file.
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