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Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Models

coef.estimatePrecision Matrix to Multiple Regression
confirm.defaultConfirmatory Hypothesis Testing
edge_compare.estimateEdge (Partial COrrelation) Contrasts with Estimation Based...
edge_compare.exploreEdge (Partial Correaltion) Contrasts with the Bayes Factor
estimate.defaultGaussian Graphical Models with Credible Intervals or the...
explore.defaultGaussian Graphical Models with Exploratory Bayesian...
ggm_compare_bf.defaultCompare GGMs with Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
ggm_compare_estimate.defaultCompare Edges Between GGMs with the Posterior Distribution
ggm_compare_ppc.defaultCompare GGMs with the Posterior Predictive Distribution
hypothesis_plotHypothesis Plot
loocv.defaultNodewise Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation
plot.edge_compare.estimatePlot Edge Contrasts from the Estimation Based Methods
plot.edge_compare.explorePlot Edge Contrasts from the Bayes Factor Based Methods
plot.estimatePlot Edges (Parial Correlation)
plot.ggm_compare_ppcPlot Posterior Predictive GGM Comparison
plot.loocvPlot Nodewise Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation
plot.predictPredictive Plots for In- and Out-of-Sample Data Estimation Based Graphical Stuctures Bayes Factor Based Graphical Stuctures Edge Differences and Equivalence Between GGMs... Edge Differences and Equivalence Between GGMs...
predict.estimateNodewise In- and Out-of-Sample Predictive Accuracy
select.estimateSelect Graphical Structure with Estimation Based Methods
select.exploreSelect Graphical Structure with the Bayes Factor
select.ggm_compare_bfSelect Graphical Structure with the Bayes Factor
select.ggm_compare_estimateEdge Differences and (Practical) Equivalence Between GGMs 'select.explore' 'select.ggm_compare_bf'
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