Man pages for dongjunchung/pathclust
pathclust: Pathway-guided identification of cancer subgroups

coef-FitGene-methodSPLS coefficient estimates for genes
coef-FitPath-methodLASSO coefficient estimates for pathways
FitGene-classAn S4 class to represent gene-level analysis results
FitPath-classAn S4 class for pathway-level analysis results
prefilterprefilter function
Prefiltered-classAn S4 class to represent pre-filtered data.
selectGene-methodsGene selection using SPLS model
selectPath-methodspathway selection using LASSO
show-FitGene-methodSummary of selectGene results
show-FitPath-methodSummary of selectPath results
show-Prefiltered-methodPrefiltering summary
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