Man pages for donkeyshot/phybreak
Analysis of Outbreaks with Sequence Data

AvianFluH7N7_2003Avian influenza (H7N7) epidemic
burnin.phybreakMCMC updating of a phybreak-object.
FMD_2001Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak (2001)
FMD_2007Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak (2007)
get.phybreakAccessing a phybreak object
infectorsetsSampled infectors for each host in a phybreak-object.
logLik.phybreakLog-likelihood of a phybreak-object.
M_tuberculosis_2013Mycobacterium tuberculosis outbreak
phybreakCreate a phybreak-object from data and prior distributions.
phybreakdataCreate a phybreakdata-object from raw data.
phylotreeMaximum clade credibility tree.
plot.phybreakPlotting a phybreak object.
plot.phybreakdataPlotting a phybreakdata object.
plotPhyloPlotting a phybreak object phylogenetic tree.
plotTransPlotting a phybreak object transmission tree.
sample.phybreakSampling from a phybreak MCMC-chain.
sim.phybreakOutbreak simulation.
thin_phybreakRemove posterior samples from a phybreak-object.
transtreeCreate a consensus transmission tree.
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