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A dataset containing distances acorns of two oak species were carried by acorn woodpeckers (Melanerpes formicivorus) to their granaries, in two different years for each oak species. Data were collected in oak savanna habitat in central California. Acorn woodpeckers store acorns in central granaries, and different woodpecker social groups maintain different granaries. The variables are as follows:


Data frame with 534 rows and 4 variables.


Douglas G. Scofield [email protected]


Dataset originates from the lab of Victoria L. Sork [email protected] and is used with permission.


Thompson, P. G., Smouse, P. E., Scofield, D. G. and Sork, V. L. (2014) What seeds tell us about birds: a multi-year analysis of acorn woodpecker foraging movements. Movement Ecology 2:12. http://www.movementecologyjournal.com/content/2/1/12

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