Man pages for dpritchLibre/Bioactivity
PepSAVI-MS Data Analysis

binMSConsolidate mass spectrometry observations
bioactBioactivity data
extractMSExtract embedded mass spectrometry data
extract_rankedExtract candidate compounds
filterMSFilter compounds from mass spectrometry data
mass_specMass spectrometry data
msDatConstructor for class 'msDat'
print.filterMSBasic information for class 'filterMS'
print.msDatPrint method for class 'msDat'
print.rankENBasic information for class 'rankEN'
rankENRank compounds via the Elastic Net path
summary.binMSOverview of the binning process
summary.filterMSOverview of the filtering process
summary.rankENOverview of the elastic net selection process
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