Man pages for driegert/transfer
Frequency Domain Transfer Function Estimation Tools

adaptiveWeightsCppCalculate Multitaper Adaptive Weights
blockedEigenCoefCalculates the eigencoefficents of a blocked time series
coherenceCalculates the coherence between two series
coherence2Calculates the coherence between two series
coherenceToOffsetConvert frequency vs. frequency coherence to offset vs...
coherency.mtmCalculates Frequency Domain Coherence
eigenByFreqCreates a design matrix at a particular frequency
freqOffsetAxisFrequency axis calculation
freqUsedReturns the frequencies used to estimate transfer functions
H2zeroSets the low frequency component of a transfer function to...
impulseResponseObtain the impusle response from a transfer object
marginalCohAverages across the rows of the offset coherence matrix
mscFromCohObtain marginal MSC
offset.cohCalculates the coherence between two series
offsetFreqDetermine Offset Frequencies to include in model
offsetReconReconstructs a response based on input tranfser functions
olsTfOrdinary least squares frequency-domain regression
olsTfEigenOrdinary least squares frequency-domain regression on...
plot.freqUsedPlots an object as returned from transfer::freqUsed
predict.transferPredict using an estimated frequency-domain transfer function
rcpp_hello_worldThe Title! Hello World
sd.complexStandard deviation of complex values
sectionDataSection data into data blocks
sftCppSlow Fourier transform
specOffReconTesting the fit with offset coherences
stackEigenByFreqNeed to write this..
stdStandardize a vector
svdRegressionLinear regression using a singular value decomposition
taperMultiplies a vector by a data taper
tfEstimate the frequency-domain transfer function
tf.svdEstimate the frequency-domain transfer function
transfer-packageEstimating frequency-domain transfer functions
trimTrim an odd-length vector
zFilterFilters a time-series
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