excelIO-package: Fast import and export of Microsoft Excel files

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Sometimes it's just easier to read & write Microsoft Excel files. This packages allows import and export of Microsoft Excel (xls, xlsx) files. The excellent gdata package already provides read.xls, but occasionally the final column will containing trailing spaces, so my version fixes this.


Reading excel files is powered by the ‘gdata’ package. Writing xls files is powered by the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Perl module by John McNamara, and writing xlsx files is powered by the Excel::Writer::XLSX Perl module by John McNamara.


It's not that widely tested, but the necessary perl modules are installed within this package, and my version of R appears to be loading these libraries from the package. If it's not working then try installing Spreadsheet::WriteExcel and Excel::Writer::XLSX system-wide; to do this, see write.xls.

Key functions

read.xls imports a worksheet from an Excel file.

write.xls, write.xlsx writes matrix-like data, or a list of matrix-like data into worksheet(s) in an XLS file. It also formats the header row, and allows more control over how the row.names are written. writeLines.xls writes vector's to excel files as 1-column tables, or as a 2-column table if the names are also written.


Mark Cowley



See Also

read.xls write.xls writeLines.xls

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