Man pages for drsimonj/adapter
R package for working with data from the CODES Research Lab Adaptability simulation

bind_tblCreate a single session, events, or streams tibble from list...
calc_anyeventCalculate whether any event is happening
calc_distanceCalculate distance travelled since last time point
calc_speedCalculate instantaneous speed
calc_variablesCalculate variables
check_file_existsCheck whether file exists and return TRUE or determined value
clean_eventsClean planned event tags
clean_lapsClean lap information
end_with_slashCheck/append slash to string
get_typeGet data for drivers or drones only from a mixed user list
na_meanCompute mean and handle all NA
nest_duplicatedNest duplicated columns
read_allRead all users logs from a data directory
read_logsRead user's log files
read_or_loadRead and save, or load simulation data
teammate_dataFind a teammate's data
vec3_to_vecConvert Unity Vector3 to (numeric) vector
waypointsWaypoints defining the simulation route
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