Man pages for dswdejonge/TripleD
Construct a TripleD database.

add_bearingsAdd track bearing
add_track_length_GPSAdd track length based on GPS
add_track_length_OdometerAdd track length based on the odometer
add_track_midpointsAdd track midpoints
add_water_depthAdd water depth
attributesAttributes for CSV input files TripleD database
check_bioconversion_inputCheck bioconversion input
collect_from_NOAACollect bathymetry from NOAA
collect_from_WORMSCollect species names from WoRMS
combine_data_sourcesCombine data sources
complete_databaseComplete database with external data and calculations
connect_to_wormsConnect to WoRMS API
construct_databaseConstruct initial database
finalize_databaseFinalize the database
find_track_midpointsFind track midpoints
get_community_matrixGet community matrix from the TripleD database
get_valid_namesGet dataframe with valid taxa names
prepare_bioconversionPrepare the bioconversion file
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