Metacarpal: Estimates of living stature from skeletal remains

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When anthropologists analyze human skeletal remains, an important piece of information is living stature. Since skeletons are commonly based on statistical methods that utilize measurements on small bones. The following data was presented in a paper in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology to validate one such method.




A data.frame wherein each row is one skeleton


Prediction of Height from Metacarpal Bone Length. (n.d.). Retrieved July 9, 2019, from


Musgrave, J., and Harneja, N. (1978). The estimation of adult stature from metacarpal bone length. Amer. J. Phys. Anthropology 48, 113- 120. Devore, J., and Peck, R. (1986). Statistics. The Exploration and Analysis of Data. West Publishing, St Paul, Minnesota.

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