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bggum provides R tools for the Bayesian estimation of generalized graded unfolding model (Roberts, Donoghue, and Laughlin 2000) parameters. Please see the vignette (via vignette("bggum")) for a practical guide to Bayesian estimation of GGUM parameters. Duck-Mayr and Montgomery (2019) provides a more detailed theoretical discussion of Bayesian estimation of GGUM parameters.


JBrandon Duck-Mayr and Jacob Montgomery


Duck-Mayr, JBrandon, and Jacob Montgomery. 2019. “Ends Against the Middle: Scaling Votes When Ideological Opposites Behave the Same for Antithetical Reasons.”

Roberts, James S., John R. Donoghue, and James E. Laughlin. 2000. “A General Item Response Theory Model for Unfolding Unidimensional Polytomous Responses.” Applied Psychological Measurement 24(1): 3–32.

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