API for duncantl/CodeDepends
Analysis of R Code for Reproducible Research and Code Comprehension

Global functions
$,Script-method Man page
.funhandler Source code
.limitXPathToSection Source code
AnnotatedScript-class Man page
Script-class Man page
ScriptInfo-class Man page
ScriptNode-class Man page
ScriptNodeInfo-class Man page
Unique Source code
[,Script,character,missing-method Man page
[,Script,vector,missing-method Man page
addRemoveIntermediates Man page
applyhandlerfactory Man page Source code
asVarName Man page Source code
assignfunhandler Man page Source code
assignhandler Man page Source code
coerce,DetailedVariableTimeline,matrix-method Man page
coerce,DynScript,Script-method Man page
coerce,Script,ScriptInfo-method Man page
coerce,ScriptNode,ScriptNodeInfo-method Man page
coerce,expression,ScriptNodeInfo-method Man page
coerce,language,ScriptNodeInfo-method Man page
colonshandler Man page Source code
counthandler Man page Source code
datahandler Man page Source code
defaultFuncHandlers Man page
defhandler Man page Source code
dollarhandler Man page Source code
filterhandler Man page Source code
findLastDef Source code
findWhenUnneeded Man page Source code
findWhenVarUnneeded Source code
forhandler Man page Source code
formulahandler Man page Source code
fullnsehandler Man page Source code
funchandler Man page Source code
functionhandlers Man page
funshandler Man page Source code
getAssigns Source code
getDependsThread Man page
getDependsThread,character-method Man page
getDependsThread,name-method Man page
getDependsThread,numeric-method Man page
getDeps Source code
getDetailedTimelines Man page Source code
getDocType Source code
getExpressionThread Man page
getFunctionLinks Source code
getFunctions Source code
getInputs Man page
getInputs,ANY-method Man page
getInputs,DynScript-method Man page
getInputs,Script-method Man page
getInputs,ScriptNode-method Man page
getInputs,ScriptNodeInfo-method Man page
getInputs,function-method Man page
getInputs.language Source code
getLanguageAssigns Source code
getLibraries Source code
getPropagateChanges Man page
getSectionDepends Man page
getVariableDepends Man page
getVariables Man page
getVariables,Script-method Man page
getVariables,ScriptInfo-method Man page
getVariables,ScriptNode-method Man page
getVariables,ScriptNodeInfo-method Man page
getVariables,expression-method Man page
groupbyhandler Man page Source code
guessTaskType Man page
highlightCode Man page Source code
historyAsScript Man page Source code
htmlRenderer Source code
identifyLocalFunctions Source code
ifforcomp Source code
inputCollector Man page
is.native Source code
isAssignment Source code
isDefinedVar Source code
isFile Source code
isNSVar Source code
isbrack Source code
librarySymbols Source code
libreqhandler Man page Source code
makeCallGraph Man page
makeCallGraph,character-method Man page
makeCallGraph,function-method Man page
makeCallGraph,list-method Man page
makeDuplicatedNames Source code
makeNodeLabs Source code
makeScriptNodeNames Source code
makeTaskGraph Man page Source code
makeTaskNames Source code
makeVariableGraph Man page
noophandler Man page Source code
nseafterfirst Man page Source code
nsehandlerfactory Man page Source code
nseonlyhandlerfactory Man page Source code
parseFrag Source code
pipehandler Man page Source code
plot.DetailedVariableTimeline Man page Source code
plot.VariableTimeline Source code
readAnnotatedScript Man page
readJSSCode Source code
readOrgmode Source code
readRExpressions Source code
readScript Man page
readScript,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
readScript,character-method Man page
readScript,connection-method Man page
readScript,missing-method Man page
readXMLScript Source code
rmhandler Man page Source code
runUpToSection Man page
scriptInfo Man page Source code
separateExpressionBlocks Man page
sourceVariable Man page
splitRedefinitions Man page
spreadhandler Man page Source code
stripVrDeps Source code
summarize_handlerfactory Man page Source code
texInput Source code
tmp Source code
trim Source code
undefinedVariables Source code
unusedVariables Source code
updatingScript Man page Source code
xmlPlotIds Source code
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