Man pages for dustinfife/fifer
A Biostatisticians Toolbox for Various Activities, Including Plotting, Data Cleanup, and Data Analysis

added.plotCreate an added variable plot
anchored.gradientCreate a color gradient with a color for zero
anchor.predictionsGenerate Predictions for a Model
auto.layoutAutomatically select the layout.
bf.bicCompute Bayes Factor from BICs
bin.variablesBin them vars
bivariate.plotPlot bivariate plot of two variables
boxcoxRTransform data using a boxcox transformation
chisq.plotPlot Expected and Observed Frequencies (Chi Square) for significant differences among all pairs of...
ci.meanCompute the confidence interval of a mean
clearClear memory of all objects
colored.tableCreate a color-coded table in latex
compare.fitsCompare the fits of two models
computeThetaCalculate inverse tangent.
contentsView the contents (functions) of a package
cor2covCorrelation Matrix to Covariance Matrix Conversion
demographicsSummarize a Data Set (Demographics)
densityPlotRGenerate a density plot using a formula
drop.columnsDrop (or keep) all columns containing a vector of strings
ellipsePlots an Ellipse
estimatesReport Estimates (effect sizes and parameters)
estimates.defaultOutput APA style statistical significance from an object
estimates.fifer.anovaReport fifer.anova Estimates (effect sizes and parameters)
estimates.glmReport glm object Estimates (effect sizes and parameters)
estimates.lmReport lm object Estimates (effect sizes and parameters)
estimates.regressionReport regression object Estimates (effect sizes and...
estimates.ttestReport ttest object Estimates (effect sizes and parameters)
estimates.zeroinflReport zeroinfl object Estimates (effect sizes and...
excelColsGenerate Excel column labels
excelMatchObtain column number or variable name from Excel named...
factorial.plotPlot a Factorial ANOVA
fakeMedicalDataFictitious Medical Dataset
fifer.anovaPerform a one-way anova
flexplotCreate a "flexible plot" or flexplot
flexplot2Create a "flexible plot" or flexplot
generate.dataSimulate multivariate normal data
get.colsExtract column index
glinmodPerform a general linear model
gradient.legendCreate a gradiented legend
hashCreate useless hashes
iccCompute the ICC from a lmer (package lme4) model
imageInteractionPlot an two-way quantitative interaction in an image plot
improve.fitCompare the improvement in fit from a baseline model
impute.meMultiple Imputation on a Model
impute.model.comparisonCompute Bayes Factor for a Imputed Model
intersperseIntersperse elements of Two+ Vectors
jit.funcHow to display data
last.sampleReturn only one row per ID
make.dataBasic function for simulating bivariate data
make.formulaConvert strings to a formula
make.nullDrop or keep variables in a dataset
make.symmetricForce a matrix to be symmetric
missing.valsSummary of Missing Data
mixed.mod.visualDisplay a graphic of a mixed model
model.comparisonPerform a model comparison
mv.rnormRandomly Generate Multivariate Normal Data from numbers to colors
par1Change default par parameters
par2Change default par parameters
plot.fifer.anovaPlot fifer.anova Summary
plot.regressionPlot regression Summary
plot.rfInterpPlot rfInterp Summary
plot.rfPredPlot rfPred Summary
plot.rfThreshrfThesh Summary
plotSigBarsAdd significance bars to a prism plot
plot.ttestPlot ttest Summary
predicted.lineCreate and plot a fitted line for a generalized linear model
print.estimatesPrint estimates Summary
print.fifer.anovaPrint fifer.anova Summary
print.regressionPrint regression Summary
print.rfInterpPrint rfInterp Summary
print.rfPredPrint rfPred Summary
print.rfThreshPrint rfThesh Summary
print.ttestPrint ttest Summary
printxChange Defaults of print.xtable
prism.plotsPlot prism-like Plots
pval.xtableConvert p-values into strings with inequalities.
rExtract variable column indices
random.correlationGenerate a random correlation matrix
raw.alph.funcFind transparency of data
r.critCompute critical r or p.
read.fifeRead in a dataset and load the meta-data for a file
regressionPerform a regression/correlation analysis
related.plotFunction to create a related t test plot
replaceReplace values in a vector
reportOutput APA style statistical significance from an object
report.defaultOutput APA style statistical significance from an object
report.fifer.anovaOutput APA style statistical significance from a fifer.anova...
report.regressionOutput APA style statistical significance from a regression...
report.ttestOutput APA style statistical significance from a ttest object
rescaleTransform a variable to have a particular mean and standard...
residualize.lowessResidualize a lowess function
rfInterpVariable Selection with Random Forest
rfPredVariable selection in Random Forest
rfSensitivityOutput accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, NPV, and PPV.
rfThreshVariable Selection Using Random Forests
rotateGraphRotate a graph using polar coordinates
roxtempGenerate a Roxygen Template
scaleBStandardize coefficients
scaleBreakScatterplot with a Scale Break
scaleItScale a variable
sensitivity.tableCompute sensitivity/specificity/etc.
spearman.plotSpearman plot
spread_typeType of spread to use
standardized.betaCompute standardized betas on a linear model object
stratifiedSample from a 'data.frame' according to a stratification... between strings to colors
subset.sampleSample the data
subsetStringExtract only part of a string
SummarizeContinuousDefaultSummarize a continuous vector with mean plus/minus standard...
SummarizeFactorDefaultSummarize a factor vector with count and percentages
SummarizeVarSummarize a vector (continuous or factor)
summary.rfPredPrint a Summary Table of rfPred
ttestPerform a two-independent sample t-test
unfactorConvert a factor to a character (or number)
uni.plotPlot univariate distribution of a variable
univariate.testsExtract p values for a data frame
visualizeVisualize a fitted model
visualize.defaultVisualize a fitted model
visualize.lmVisualize a fitted model
visualize.lmerModVisualize a fitted model
write.fifeWrite a dataset and load the meta-data
x.summaryType of x summary to use (line or mean)
xtable.rfInterpPrepare xtable Summary
xtable.rfPredPrepare xtable Summary
z.testPerform a z test
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