Man pages for dwoll/shotGroups
Analyze Shot Group Data

analyzeGroupAnalysis for a single group of bullet holes
combineDataCombine list of data frames into one
compareGroupsCompare bullet hole groups
DF300blkCombined bullet hole data
DF300BLKhlCombined bullet hole data
DFcciHVCombined bullet hole data
DFcmCombined bullet hole data
DFdistrLookup table for distribution of range statistics and...
DFinchCombined bullet hole data
DFlandy01Combined bullet hole data
DFlandy02Combined bullet hole data
DFlandy03Combined bullet hole data
DFlandy04Combined bullet hole data
DFlistCmList containing several data frames with bullet hole data
DFsavageCombined bullet hole data
DFscar17Combined bullet hole data
DFtalonCombined bullet hole data
drawBoxDraw an axis-aligned box
drawBox2Draw an oriented box
drawCircleDraw a circle
drawEllipseDraw an ellipse
drawGroupDraw a group of bullet holes with additional measures
drawTargetDraw a target pattern
efficiencyEstimate number of required groups for given CI level and...
fromMOAConversion from angular diameter to absolute size
getBoundingBoxBounding box for a set of 2D-points
getCEPCircular Error Probable (CEP) and Spherical Error Probable...
getConfEllConfidence ellipse
getDistanceGet distance based on absolute and angular size
getDistToCtrDistances to center for a set of points
getHitProbHit probability within given region
getHoytParamDetermine parameters q and omega of the Hoyt distribution
getKuchnostKuchnost precision estimate
getMaxPairDistMaximum pairwise distance for a set of points
getMinBBoxMinimum-area bounding box for a set of 2D-points
getMinCircleMinimum enclosing circle for a set of 2D-points
getMOAConversion of absolute size to angular diameter
getRangeStatRange statistics
getRayParamEstimate Rayleigh parameters sigma, mean and standard...
getRiceParamEstimate Rice parameters nu and sigma
getXYmatExtract (x,y)-coordinates (relative to point of aim) from a...
groupLocationAccuracy: Location measures for a single group of bullet...
groupShapeShape analysis for a single group of bullet holes
groupSpreadPrecision: Spread measures of a single group of bullet holes
hoytThe Hoyt Distribution
maxwellThe Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
mvnEllMultivariate normal offset ellipse probabilities
range2CEPEstimate circular error probable (CEP) based on range...
range2sigmaEstimate Rayleigh sigma based on range statistics
rangeStatDistribution of range statistics
rayleighThe Rayleigh Distribution
readDataMiscRead data from text files
readDataOT1Read data files exported by OnTarget PC v1.1*
readDataOT2Read data files exported by OnTarget PC v2.* or OnTarget TDS...
readDataShotMarkerRead data files exported by the ShotMarker e-target system
readDataSMTRead data files exported by the Silver Mountain e-target...
riceThe Rice Distribution
runGUIOpen web-based GUI in browser
shotGroups-packageAnalyze shot group data
simRingCountCalculate simulated ring count for a given group and target
targetsList containing definitions of several circular target types...
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