Man pages for dynverse/dynplot2
Grammar of graphics for single-cell data

dynplotCreate a dynplot with a specified layout
empty_plotCreate an empty plot for spacing
geom_cellPlotting cells
geom_milestonePlotting milestones
geom_trajectory_connectionPlotting connections between the same milestones in a...
geom_trajectory_divergencePlotting the divergence regions of a trajectory
geom_trajectory_segmentsPlotting individual segments of the trajectory
geom_velocityPlotting velocity
get_milestone_palette_namesGet the names of valid color palettes
layout_dendroDendrogram layout of a trajectory
linearise_trajectoryLinearise a trajectory
position_trajectory_arrowsPlot arrow in middle
theme_cleanWe like our plots clean
theme_graphWe like our plots clean
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