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Satellite Image Time Series Analysis

cerrado_2classesSamples of classes Cerrado and Pasture
dot-print_confusion_matrixPrint the values of a confusion matrix
dot-sits_apply_tsApply a function over a set of time series.
dot-sits_check_classify_paramsCheck clasification parameters
dot-sits_check_resultsCheck the results of the classification with the input data
dot-sits_check_serviceCheck that the service is valid
dot-sits_classify_distancesClassify a distances tibble using machine learning models
dot-sits_classify_multicoresClassify a raster chunk using multicores
dot-sits_classify_multicores_cubesClassify a stacks chunk using multicores
dot-sits_class_infoDefine the information required for classifying time series
dot-sits_color_nameBrewer color schemes
dot-sits_convert_resolutionConvert resolution from projection values to lat/long
dot-sits_coverage_eocubesProvides information about one coverage of the EOCUBES
dot-sits_coverage_rasterCreate a metadata tibble to store the description of a...
dot-sits_coverage_raster_classifiedCreate a set of RasterLayer objects to store time series...
dot-sits_coverage_satvegProvides information about one coverage of the SATVEG time...
dot-sits_coverage_STACKCreate a metadata tibble to store the description of a...
dot-sits_coverage_wtssProvides information about one coverage of the WTSS service
dot-sits_create_coverageCreates a coverage metadata
dot-sits_create_foldsCreate partitions of a data set
dot-sits_create_raster_coverageCreates a tibble with information about a set of raster...
dot-sits_create_STACK_coverageCreates a tibble with information about a set of raster...
dot-sits_estimate_nblocksEstimate the number of blocks
dot-sits_estimate_processing_timeEstimate the processing time
dot-sits_extractExtract a subset of the data based on dates
dot-sits_from_csvObtain timeSeries from time series server, based on a CSV...
dot-sits_from_EOCubesObtain one timeSeries from EOCubes package and load it on a...
dot-sits_from_rasterExtract a time series from a ST raster data set
dot-sits_from_satvegObtain one timeSeries from the EMBRAPA SATVEG server and load...
dot-sits_from_serviceObtain timeSeries from time series service
dot-sits_from_shpObtain timeSeries from WTSS server, based on a SHP file.
dot-sits_from_twdtw_matchesTransform patterns from TWDTW format to sits format
dot-sits_from_wtssObtain one timeSeries from WTSS server and load it on a sits...
dot-sits_function_factoryCreate a closure for calling functions with and without data
dot-sits_get_bandsRetrieve the bands avaliable for the product in the time...
dot-sits_get_bboxRetrieve the bounding box for the product available at...
dot-sits_get_maximum_valuesRetrieve the maximum values for a given band
dot-sits_get_minimum_valuesRetrieve the minimum values for a given band
dot-sits_get_missing_valuesRetrieve the missing values for a given band for an image...
dot-sits_get_projectionRetrieve the projection for the product available at service
dot-sits_get_providersList the data services available
dot-sits_get_resolutionRetrieve the pixel resolution for an image product
dot-sits_get_satveg_timeline_from_txtRetrieve a timeline from the SATVEG service based on text...
dot-sits_get_scale_factorsRetrieve the scale factor for a given band for an image...
dot-sits_get_serverRetrieve the time series server for the product
dot-sits_get_servicesList the data services available
dot-sits_get_sizeRetrieve the size of the product for a given time series...
dot-sits_get_tcap_brightnessRetrieve the vector of coeficientes for brightness component...
dot-sits_get_tcap_greennessRetrieve the vector of coeficientes for brightness component...
dot-sits_get_tcap_wetnessRetrieve the vector of coeficientes for wetness component of...
dot-sits_get_time_indexFind the time index of the blocks to be extracted for...
dot-sits_get_timelineRetrieve the default timeline for a product for a given time...
dot-sits_ggplot_seriesPlot one timeSeries using ggplot
dot-sits_ggplot_togetherPlot many timeSeries together using ggplot
dot-sits_group_byGroup the contents of a sits tibble by different criteria
dot-sits_guess_satelliteTry a best guess for the type of sensor/satellite
dot-sits_is_valid_end_dateTest if end date fits inside the timeline
dot-sits_is_valid_start_dateTest if starting date fits with the timeline
dot-sits_kalman_filterCompute the Kalman filter
dot-sits_labelling_neuronsLabelling neurons using majority voting
dot-sits_labels_listSits labels processing function
dot-sits_latlong_to_projCoordinate transformation (lat/long to X/Y)
dot-sits_log_csvSaves a CSV data set
dot-sits_log_dataSaves a data set for future use
dot-sits_log_debugLogs an error in the log file
dot-sits_log_errorLogs an error in the log file
dot-sits_match_indexesFind indexes in a timeline that match the reference dates
dot-sits_max_colorsBrewer color schemes
dot-sits_mem_usedShows the memory used in GB
dot-sits_neighbor_neuronsGet the neighbor of neurons
dot-sits_normalization_paramNormalize the time series in the given sits_tibble
dot-sits_normalize_matrixNormalize the time series values in the case of a matrix
dot-sits_num_samplesFind number of samples, given a timeline and an interval
dot-sits_plot_allyearsPlot all time intervals of one time series for the same...
dot-sits_plot_classificationPlot classification results
dot-sits_plot_patternsPlot classification patterns
dot-sits_plot_titleCreate a plot title to use with ggplot
dot-sits_plot_togetherPlot a set of time series for the same spatio-temporal...
dot-sits_plot_twdtw_alignmentsPlot classification alignments using the dtwSat package
dot-sits_plot_twdtw_classificationPlot classification results using the dtwSat package
dot-sits_plot_twdtw_matchesPlot matches between a label pattern and a time series using...
dot-sits_predictPredict class based on the trained models
dot-sits_predict_intervalClassify one interval of data
dot-sits_pred_refObtains the predicted value of a reference set
dot-sits_preprocess_dataPreprocess a set of values retrived from a raster brick
dot-sits_proj_to_latlongCoordinate transformation (X/Y to lat/long)
dot-sits_raster_blocksDefine a reasonable block size to process a RasterBrick
dot-sits_raster_filenameDefine a filename associated to one classified raster layer
dot-sits_read_dataRead a block of values retrived from a set of raster bricks
dot-sits_read_data_cubesRead a block of values retrived from a set of raster stacks
dot-sits_sample_distancesSample a percentage of a time series distance matrix
dot-sits_satveg_timelineRetrieve a timeline for the SATVEG service
dot-sits_scale_dataScale the time series values in the case of a matrix
dot-sits_scale_matrix_integerScale the time series values in the case of a matrix
dot-sits_select_indexesProvide a list of indexes to extract data from a distance...
dot-sits_select_raster_indexesProvide a list of indexes to extract data from a...
dot-sits_split_dataSplit a data.table or a matrix for multicore processing
dot-sits_test_tibbleTests if a sits tibble is valid
dot-sits_tibble_csvCreate an empty tibble to store the results of CSV samples...
dot-sits_tibble_predictionCreate an empty tibble to store the results of predictions
dot-sits_time_indexCreate a list of time indexes from the dates index
dot-sits_timelineObtains the timeline for a coverage
dot-sits_to_twdtwExport data to be used by the dtwSat package
dot-sits_ts_from_satvegRetrieve a time series from the SATVEG service
dot-sits_twdtw_breaksClassify a sits tibble using the matches found by the TWDTW...
dot-sits_write_raster_valuesWrite the values and probs into raster files
dot-sits_xy_inside_rasterTests if an XY position is inside a ST Raster Brick
point_mt_6bandsA time series sample with data from 2000 to 2016
point_ndviA time series sample for the NDVI band from 2000 to 2016
prodes_226_064Samples of deforestation-related classes for the LANDSAT...
samples_mt_9classesSamples of nine classes for the state of Mato Grosso used for...
samples_mt_ndviSamples of nine classes for the state of Mato Grosso for the...
setrefSet by reference in data.table
sits_accuracy_areaArea-weighted post-classification accuracy assessment of...
sits_alignAligns dates of time series to a reference date
sits_applyApply a function over sits bands.
sits_bandsInforms the names of the bands of a time series
sits_bayes_postprocessPost-process a classified data raster with bayesian filter
sits_breakBreaks a set of time series into equal intervals
sits_classifyClassify a sits tibble using machine learning models
sits_classify_cubesClassify a set of spatio-temporal raster cubes using...
sits_classify_rasterClassify a set of spatio-temporal raster bricks using...
sits_cloud_filtercloud filter
sits_clusterCuts a cluster tree produced by sits_dendrogram
sits_cluster_cleanCluster cleaner
sits_cluster_frequencyCluster contigency table
sits_cluster_removeRemove cluster with mixed classes
sits_cluster_validityCluster validity indices
sits_configReads a configuration file and loads it in the main...
sits_conf_matrixAssessment of the accuracy of classification based on a...
sits_coverageProvides information about one coverage used to retrieve data
sits_csv_error_fileLoads the CSV error file saved in the log directory
sits_data_to_csvExport a sits tibble data to the CSV format
sits_datesReturn the dates of a sits tibble
sits_deeplearningTrain a sits classifiction model using the keras deep...
sits_dendro_bestcutCompute validity indexes to a range of cut height
sits_dendrogramCompute a dendrogram using hierarchical clustering
sits_distancesUse time series values from a sits tibble as distances for...
sits_envelopeEnvelope filter
sits_evaluate_clusterMetrics by cluster
sits_evaluate_samplesEvaluate samples
sits_formula_linearDefine a linear formula for classification models
sits_formula_logrefDefine a loglinear formula for classification models
sits_formula_smoothDefine a smoothing formula for classification models
sits_from_zooImport time series in the zoo format to a sits tibble
sits_get_colorRetrieve the color associated to a class
sits_get_dataObtain time series from different sources
sits_get_memory_bloatRetrieve the estimated value of R memory bloat
sits_info_EOCubesProvides information about EOCubes service
sits_info_servicesProvides information about time series service
sits_info_wtssProvides information about WTSS service
sits_interpInterpolation function of the time series of a sits_tibble
sits_kalmanKalman filter
sits_keras_diagnosticsProvides access to diagnostic information about a Keras deep...
sits_kfold_validateCross-validate temporal patterns
sits_kohonenClustering a set of satellite image time series using SOM
sits_labelsReturns the information about labels of a sits tibble
sits_ldaTrain a sits classification model using linear discriminant...
sits_linear_interpInterpolation function of the time series in a sits tibble
sits_load_kerasLoad a Keras model for processing in sits
sits_logCreates a directory and logfile for logging information and...
sits_match_timelineFind dates in the input coverage that match those of the...
sits_mergeMerge two satellite image time series
sits_metadata_to_csvExport a sits tibble metadata to the CSV format
sits_missing_valuesRemove missing values
sits_mlrTrain a sits classifiaction model using multinomial...
sits_mutate_bandsAdd new sits bands.
sits_ndvi_arima_filterNDVI filter with ARIMA model
sits_ndwiBuilds normalized difference water index
sits_normalize_dataNormalize the time series in the given sits_tibble
sits_patternsCreate temporal patterns using a generalised additive model...
sits_plotPlot a set of satellite image time series
sits_plot_cluster_infoPlot information about clusters
sits_plot_dendrogramPlot a dendrogram
sits_plot_kohonenPlot the SOM grid with neurons labeled
sits_plot_rasterPlot a raster classified images
sits_plot_subgroupsPlot the patterns of subgroups
sits_pruneChecks that the timeline of all time series of a data set are...
sits_qdaTrain a sits classification model using quadratic...
sits_relabelRelabels a sits tibble
sits_renameNames of the bands of a time series
sits_rforTrain a sits classifiction model using fast random forest...
sits_sampleSample a percentage of a time series
sits_save_kerasSave a Keras model for later processing in sits
sits_saviBuilds soil-adjusted vegetation index
sits_selectGeneral selection criteria for subsetting a sits tibble
sits_select_bandsFilter bands on a sits tibble
sits_select_bands_Filter bands on a sits tibble
sits_servicesProvides information about the time series services available
sits_sgolaySmooth the time series using Savitsky-Golay filter
sits_show_configShows the contents of the sits configuration file
sits_show_debugPrints the debug log
sits_show_errorsPrints the error log
sits_shp_to_csvExport a shapefile with points to a CSV file for later...
sits_subgroupCreate new groups from kohonen maps
sits_svmTrain a sits classification model using a support vector...
sits_tasseled_capBuilds tasseled cap bands
sits_tibbleCreate a sits tibble to store the time series information
sits_to_xlsxSaves the results of accuracy assessments as Excel files
sits_to_zooExport data to be used to the zoo format
sits_trainTrain sits classification models
sits_transmute_bandsAdd new sits bands and drops existing.
sits_twdtw_classifyFind matches between a set of sits patterns and segments of...
sits_valuesReturn the values of a given sits tibble as a list of...
sits_whittakerSmooth the time series using Whittaker smoother
timeline_2000_2017The timeline for the sequence of images for MOD13Q1...
timeline_modis_392The timeline for the sequence of images for MOD13Q1...
ts_zooA time series in the ZOO format
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