Man pages for echasnovski/ruler
Tidy Data Validation Reports

act_after_exposureAct after exposure
add_pack_namesAdd pack names to single exposures
any_breakerIs there any breaker in exposure?
assert_any_breakerAssert presence of rule breaker
bind_exposuresBind exposures
cell-packCell rule pack
column-packColumn rule pack
data-packData rule pack
exposeExpose data to rule packs
expose_singleExpose data to single rule pack
group-packGroup rule pack
inside_punctInside punctuation regular expression
pack_infoPack info
packs_infoPacks info
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
row-packRow rule pack
rule-packsCreate rule packs
ruler-packageruler: Rule Your Data
ruler-reportTidy data validation report
rulesCreate a list of rules
single_exposureSingle exposure
spread_groupsSpread grouping columns
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