Man pages for ecology-rocks/SortieIO
Convert SORTIE-ND Summary Output Files To Human-Readable Formats

batchOutFilesProcess Batch Out Files For Sortie
changeColsBySppExtract Column Info And Rearrage A Data.Frame
convertPlotNamesConvert plot names
fillPlotFill A Plot In With Similar Values
findPlotStartFind The Starting Place For A Map Centered In A Larger Map
getOutFileImport a SORTIE-ND .out File Into R
getRangeGet the difference between two numbers
helloHello, World!
parseOutFileParse a data.frame imported from a SORTIE-ND OUT File.
plotExpSimPlot Expected And Simulated Values
processTestPlotProcess a plot's test data
realPlotsReal Plot Data (realPlots)
reNumberRenumber rows in a data.frame to deal with missing rows.
rotPlotsRotated Plots
shiftPlotShift Plot Linearly By X And Y
sortieIOsortieOutputs: A package for parsing SORTIE-ND output files
testExpSimTest For Differences Between Actual and Simulated Data
TryDTestTries a Dixon test for outliers.
TryTTestTries a t-test, returns 1 if there is an error
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