Man pages for edelcallejoc/rspecies
A Spatial Data Mining Framework for Species Distribution Modelling

epsilonCorrelation method for the Spatial Naive Bayes Model
get-methodsAccesor methods for SpNaBa-objects
get_species_Get data from SPECIE framework
grd_buildGenerate a grid from SpatialPolygonsDataFrame.
id_ptsIdentify points coordinates inside each cell of a grid.
mammalsCoordinates of 443 mammals' species from Mexico.
Mex0Polygon of Mexico whithout politic's division.
NBModelFunction to fit Spatial Naive Bayes Model
plot-NBmodelAn S4 method for SpNaBaModel class object.
plot-predictAn S4 method for SpatialPolygonsDataFrame and SpNaBaPred...
predictPredict function for Naive Bayes Spatial Model
raster_breaksExtract pixels from raster object and breaks it into n bins.
scoreScore function for the Spatial Naive Bayes Model
smp_stats-methodsBasic statistics to evaluate sample and model parameters from...
SpNaBaCounts-classClass SpNaBaCounts
SpNaBaEps-classClass SpNaBaEps
SpNaBaMatrix-classClass SpNaBaMatrix
SpNaBa-methodsSpatial Naive Bayes Model methods
SpNaBaModel-classClass SpNaBaModel
SpNaBaPred-classClass SpNaBaPred
SpNaBaProbs-classClass SpNaBaProbs
SpNaBaScore-classClass SpNaBaScore
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