Man pages for edwardpmorris/FASTSpectra
Parse and radiometrically correct Ocean Optics spectra files

assign.typeAssign spectra type using a logfile
calc.reflectanceCalculate reflectance spectra using a logfile to assign...
calcSolarZenithCalculate solar zenith angle from timestamp
collection_areaCalculate surface area of the collection apature
FASTspectraParse and process Ocean Optics spectra files.
getSeasonAsign astronomical seasons
hyperSpecToHsdarConvert hyperSpec to hsdar object
import.calibrationImport an instrument or reference panel's calibration data
import_IrradCal_uJCountImport an OO 'IrradCal' instrument-specific response function
import_RefCalImport a reference panel-specific reflectance response...
normalise_irfCalculate normalised instrument-specific response function
proj_collection_areaCalculate projected surface area of the collection apature
QC_metatdataQuality checking of measurement metadata
rad.corrRadiometric correction
read.txt.OceanOpticsParse Ocean Optics SpectraSuite "text with header"
read.txt.wide.FASTParse FAST wide table ground-based spectrometry files
solid_angleCalculate 'Solid Angle' of the collection apature
wavelength_spreadCalculate wavelength spread
write.txt.wide.FASTWrite FAST specrum data to text file
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