Man pages for egouldo/GrasslandAllocatr
Allocate management actions among a suite grasslands

act_predictApply management actions as Netica Findings
analyse_sensitivityRun sensitivity analysis for a set of target nodes in a given...
apply_act_predictApply act_prediction function
build_raw_datasetBuild raw field data set complete with species type and...
compute_mutual_infoCompute Mutual Information
f_pathGet package root path
generate_case_file_dfGenerate Netica Case File as a 'data_frame'
get_nodeExtract active nodes using partial matches:
initialise_conditionInitialise condition nodes at t0
learn_grassland_bbnLearn 'grassland_bbn' with EM Learning algorithm
load_compile_grassland_bbnLoads Netica network into R and NeticaAPI memory and compiles...
lookup_managementMatch transect management history and other site-level...
lookup_speciesMatch species origin, growth form and type
predict_grassland_conditionPredict Grassland Condition for one or more sites under one...
report_conditionReports Grassland Condition at t0 for a casefile of sites.
start_netica_with_licenseStart Netica with License
summarise_by_muSummarise field data by transect over each management unit
summarise_by_transectSummarise by quadrat data into per transect data with key...
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