summarise_by_transect: Summarise by quadrat data into per transect data with key...

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Summarise by quadrat data into per transect data with key variables for updating the GrasslandBBN





A tidy dataframe grouped by transect number and quadrat with multiple entries for each quadrat under the variable species. The species column includes all species encountered within the quadrat, as well as non-living entities such as Bare Ground and Litter, and non-vascular life-forms including lichen and moss. Each species has a type, an origin, and growth-form attribute, listed under the respective variable columns. Information about each transect is also included under the variables: date of survey, orientation of transect, survey assistant, last management action, burn_season of the last fire, years_since last biomass removal, and biomass_reduction_year.


field_data_by_transect A data_frame containing a row for each surveyed transect. Measured variables are equivalent to the nodes in the GrasslandBBN, and include: E_pc, the mean percent cover of exotic species per transect; BG_pc mean percent area of Bare Ground for each transect; NF_diversity, the total number of native forbs in each transect; E_diversity, the total number of exotic species across each transect.

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