Man pages for einarhjorleifsson/fishvice
A collection of various personal functions used in stock assessment

flindices_to_rbyaConverts FLIndices object to rbya
flstock_to_rbyaConverts FLStock object to rbya
get_ices_directoryGet a copy of ICES sharepoint directory
getlineswinGets certain lines from file
get_sam_directoryGet a sam directory from
get_worms_idGet the WoRMS id for a taxonomic name
get_worms_recordGet a record from WoRMS for a given species id
ices_standard_graphICES standard graph
pipePipe operator
r2latReturns the latitude for a statistical square...
r2lonReturns the lon for a statistical square...
rba_icodResults by age
rby_icodResults by year
read_adaptReads 'adapt' assessment results
read_adcamReads 'adcam' assessment results
read_hstReads ADMB hst files
read_lowestoft_surveyRead in Lowestoft-format survey data
read_preludeReads prelude files
read_separReads 'separable' assessment results
sam_process_errorsam process error
str_strip_nondigitsStrip all non digits from a string
str_strip_textStrip all text from a string
str_trim_commasTrim 'commas' from start and end of string
str_trim_tabTrim 'tabs' from start and end of string
sys_find_textFind text in file
to_lowerSet all column names in a data_frame to lower
write_preludeWrites prelude file
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