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Productivity & analysis tools for online marketing

advertoolsadvertools: Productivity and analysis tools for online...
boxofficeBoxoffice revenues of 14,196 US movies
kw_broadBroad match keywords
kw_combinationsKeyword combinations
kw_exactExact match keywords
kw_modified_broadModified broad match keywords
kw_negativeNegative match keywords
kw_negative_exactNegative exact match keywords
kw_negative_phraseNegative phrase match keywords
kw_phrasePhrase match keywords
sample_search_adsA sample result of search ads
search_ads_googleSearch Ads - Google
serp_googleGet the search engine results pages.
stopwords_arArabic stopwords
stopwords_enEnglish stopwords
twtr_get_hashtagsExtract and analyze hashtags from tweets
twtr_get_mentionsExtract and analyze mentions from tweets
twtr_get_urlsExtract and analyze URLs from tweets
twtr_get_wordsExtract and analyze words from tweets
word_frequencyWord frequency
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