Man pages for ellisztamas/qtltools
Tools for plotting QTL

bayesint_tableCreate a table of maximum likelihood and Bayesian credible...
cluster_qtlGroup QTL from different experiments into blocks.
plotQTLCreates an object needed to create QTL plots.
plotQTL_baseSet up an empty plot for QTL positions
plotQTL_boxAdd box to a plotQTL plot.
plotQTL_labelPlot a label for QTL on the left of a track.
plotQTL_lanesPlot lane margins in a plotQTL plot.
plotQTL_qtlPlot QTL positions.
qtl_dataframeConcatenate data tables on genotypes and phenotypes into a...
qtleffectsCreate qtleffects object
qtleffects_baseBase plot for qtleffects
qtleffects_pointsPoints for QTL effect sizes.
qtltools-packageTools for plotting QTL
underlinedAdd underlined text to a plot.
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