Man pages for elpidiofilho/easyFit
Routines for fit classification and regression models in easy way

clean_namesClean columns names
c_stockBrazilian Soil Stock Carbon Data.
easy_fitThis function performs the training of the chosen models to a...
plot_confusio_matrixPlot Confusion Matrix
plot_predict_observed_residualPlot predict observed and residual
pred_accCalculate statiscs of accuracy to regression models
predict_to_mappredict to map
recursive_feature_eliminationRecursive Feature Elimination
regressionThis function performs the training of the chosen regressor
remove_var_naRemove Columns with too many NA values
rfe_resultRecursive Feature Elimination plot results
run_modelsThis function run many models using the same data
run_models_performanceRun Models Performance
to_factorConvert variables to factor
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