Man pages for emiltb/peakr
Interactive tools for analysis of simple datasets

add_integrateAdd integral parameters to tibble
add_pickAdd peak indicators at the given indices
add_smoothApply Savitzky-Golay filter
find_backgroundFit a p-degree polynomial to the selected endpoints
find_endpointsSelect the points to be used for background fitting
find_gradientLocal gradient at given index
find_peakReturns the index of the nearest peak
generic_dfReturn a standard dataframe with two columns (x and y)
peak_integratePeak integrator
peak_pickPick peaks in datasets interactively
peakr'peakr' package
peak_smoothInteractive smoothing
plot_integratePlot results of peak integration
plot_pickPlot a dataset contain defined peaks
plot_smoothPlot results of data smooting
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