Man pages for emittman/dpOMP
Parallelized Gibbs Sampler for DPGMM Model

cluster_sumsCompute sums for groups
compute_weightsGet component weights for all genes
construct_precision_matConstruct precision matrix for full conditional distribution...
dot_proddot product of two vectors
dpgmmDo MCMC for dpgmm model
dpgmm_initRun MCMC for DPGMMM model, utilizing pilot chain
dpOMP-packagePerform MCMC for dpgmm model
draw_pidraw a simplex conditioned on current cluster allocations
draw_thetaDraw from full conditional for beta, sigma2 conditioning on...
draw_zDraw z for all genes given the computed weights
dsymvBLAS implemented dsymv routine
generate_datagenerates a data set from the model
get_k_indicesReturn indicator that gene G is in cluster k
get_tail_sumsGet tail sums of a real-valued vector
increment_IGscaleCalculate cluster contribution to IG scale paramter of full...
linear_comb_vecBLAS implemented daxpy routine
norm_exp_lpSubtract max element and exponentiate lp vector
n_squaresReturn first n square numbers
pi_primeUpdate component weight for given data
quad_formComputes xTAx using BLAS routines dsymv and ddot (through...
rcategoricalGet a multinomial draw given specified weights
rinvgammaDraw random inverse gamma variates
solve_normaleq_symm_matSolves Ax = b, replacing input b with solution and A with...
transposetranspose a matrix
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