Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/ESD

albGIMMSSchwaebische Alb GIMMS NDVI3g.v1
albMODISSchwaebische Alb MODIS NDVI
downloadDownload of NDVI Products
downscalePerform EOT-Based Spatial Downscaling
ESD-packageEOT-Based Spatial Downscaling
evaluateEvaluate EOT-Based NDVI Resampling
evaluateCycleEvaluation Cycle of EOT-Based NDVI Resampling
plotRegressionStatsVisualize Error and Regression Metrics
preprocessMODIS and GIMMS Preprocessing Chain
preprocessGIMMSGIMMS NDVI3g.v1 Processing Chain
preprocessMODISMODIS Preprocessing Chain
regressionStatscalculate prediction performance statistics
SSTindexGet Sea Surface Temperature Indices
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