This is my personal R package which contains a number of functions that help me to maintain an organized workflow. Most of the functions are just curried versions of functions from other packages, nevertheless I added a decent amount of documentation, however there are a few packages that I cosntantly use and that one should know about in order to understand the documentation.



The names of all functions start with f_ followed by another prefix that describes the role of the function inside my workflow

Workflow (including links to vignettes)

Variable Manipulations and Transformations f_manip*

Data Preparation f_clean_*

When thinking about this step I did not know about the recipes package. I came up with something similar but less elabprate and thought-through.

Data Exploration and Visualisation f_pca_*, f_stat_*, f_plot_*

Feature Testing f_model_importance_*

Model Training f_train_*

Model Visualisation f_model_plot_*

Reporting f_html_*, f_datatable, f_plot_obj_2_html

These functions help me to generate html output.

Apps f_shiny_*, f_simulation_*

These functions start a shinyserver and let you run a simulation or a shiny app.

You can pass your own data via the data argument to both functions, or select from a variety of sample datasets if data == NULL.

Additional Content

Apart from the vignettes that I have linked to already above I have added some files that I produced as prrof of concept (POC) files. When I try out a new package or get stuck somewhere with a problem I like to write those as a minimal example of how to solve or not to solve a problem. One can use the function f_content() to produce and open a index html file with links to all those files.

Some of the POCs are also posted on Rpubs



Modelling Dataframe packages

Regression models with caret



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