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Collection of personal R functions

f_anova_statsgenerate a datatframe with anova results from a data_ls list
f_clean_data_no_changeswrapper for f_clean_data without modifications to data
f_contentopens an html index file for additional content
f_content_get_file_typereturns files of specified type from vignette path
f_content_get_pathreturns content path
f_content_renderrenders content
f_datatable_minimalconvert dataframe to DT:datatable with minimal features
f_datatable_universalconvert dataframe to DT:datatable inlcuding most usefull...
f_html_breakscreate a taglist with n lines of html line breaks
f_html_filename_2_linkconvert a filename + path or a file_path to a html link
f_html_get_title_from_Rmdget title from Rmd file
f_html_paddingadd some padding around html objects
f_html_table_html_and_rmd_linkcreate a DT::datatable that pairs Rmd and rendered html...
f_manip_append_2_listappend object to list
f_manip_bin_numericsbin numerical columns
f_manip_bring_to_pos_rangebring vector to positice range
f_manip_data_2_model_matrix_formatbrings data to model.matrix format
f_manip_double_2_intconverts columns of type double to integer if maximum number...
f_manip_factor_2_numericconverts factor to numeric preserving numeric levels and...
f_manip_get_most_common_levelget most common level from vector
f_manip_get_response_variable_from_formulaget response variable from formula
f_manip_get_variables_from_formulaget variables from formula
f_manip_matrix_2_tibbleconverts matrices to tibble, preserving row.names
f_manip_summarize_2_median_and_most_common_factortakes a data_ls list created by f_clean_data() and returns a...
f_manip_transpose_tibbletranspose a tibble
f_model_add_predictions_2_grid_regressionadd predictions to grid (regression models)
f_model_data_gridgenerates a data grid based on a formula
f_model_importancemodel importance
f_model_importance_pl_add_plots_regressionadd plots based on variable importance to pipelearner...
f_model_importance_plotplot model importance
f_model_importance_plot_tableplottableplot of important variables
f_model_importance_pl_plots_as_htmlprint plots of variable importance in modelling dataframe to...
f_model_importance_randomForestextract variable importance for randomForest model
f_model_importance_rpartextract variable importance for rpart
f_model_importance_svmextract variable importance for svm
f_model_plot_var_dep_over_spec_var_rangeplot vmodel varaible dependency over the range of a specified...
f_model_plot_variable_dependency_regressionplot model dependency on most important variables
f_model_seq_rangegenerates sequence of variable spanning from min to max
f_pcacalculate principle components for a dataset
f_pca_plot_componentsplot principle components as a dot plot
f_pca_plot_variance_explainedplot varaince explained of principle components
f_plot_adjust_col_vector_lengthadjust length of color vector, by repeating colors
f_plot_alluvialplot alluvial on tidy data
f_plot_alluvial_1v1plot alluvial of gathered data
f_plot_color_code_variablescolor code all variables in a data_ls list.
f_plot_col_vector74generate a most distinctive color scale
f_plot_generate_comparison_pairsgenerates comparison pairs for 'ggpubr::stat_compare_means()'
f_plot_histPlot Histograms
f_plot_obj_2_htmlgenerate a separate html file from a list of various objects
f_plot_pretty_pointsplot prettier dot plot
f_plot_profit_bars_plus_areaplot revenues cost and profit development over time with bars...
f_plot_profit_linesplot revenues cost and profit development over time as an...
f_plot_timeplot variable distribution over time as reduced overlapping...
f_prediction_intervallcalculate raw prediction intervalls
f_predict_plot_model_performance_regressionplot model performance
f_predict_plot_regression_alluvialsplot residuals of different models as aaluvials
f_predict_plot_regression_distributionPlot distribution of model predictions vs observed
f_predict_pl_regressionadds predictions to learned pipelearner dataframe
f_predict_pl_regression_summarizesummarize prediction by f_predict_pl_regression()
f_predict_regression_add_predictionsadds predictions, residuals, abolute residuals, squared...
f_shiny_multiviewrun multiview shiny app
f_shiny_somself organizing map shiny app
f_sim_profitsimulate profit
f_stat_chi_squaregenerate a datatframe with chi square results from a data_ls...
f_stat_combine_anova_with_chi_squarecombines anova with chi square results into single dataframe
f_stat_diff_of_means_medianscalculates maximum difference in group means and medians
f_stat_group_anaanalyse group difference of dataset
f_stat_group_ana_taglistanalyse group difference of dataset
f_stat_group_counts_percentagescreate a aggregated data frame with percentagers and counts...
f_stat_group_mean_medianscreate a aggregated data frame with means and medians for...
f_stat_max_diff_of_freqcalculate the maximal difference in frequencies between to...
f_stat_shapirowrapper for shapiro.test()
f_stat_starscalculate significant level from p value
f_train_lassowrapper for cv.glmnet and cv.HDtweedie
f_train_lasso_manual_cvwrapper for glmnet and HDtweedie
make_container_for_function_callscontainer for function calls, can be used as a progress bar
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