Man pages for erichare/bulletr
Algorithms for Matching Bullet Lands

boot_fit_loessFit a LOESS model with bootstrap samples
br4113d topological surface measurements for one land of a bullet...
bulletAlignAlign two surface cross cuts according to maximal correlation
bulletCheckCrossCutIdentifying a reliable cross section
bulletGetMaxCMSIdentify the number of maximum CMS between two bullet lands
bulletGetMaxCMS_nistIdentify the number of maximum CMS between two bullet lands
bulletSmoothSmooth the surface of a bullet
chumbleyChumbley test score
CMSTable of the number of consecutive matches
do_alignAlign two surface cross cuts using cross correlation
fit_loessFit a loess curve to a bullet data frame
fortify_x3pConvert a list of x3p file into a data frame
get_bulletDeprecated function use get_crosscut
get_chumbleyCompute a Chumbley test score
getCircleEstimate center and radius
get_corGet correlation between two signatures
get_crosscutRead a crosscut from a 3d surface file
get_DCompute the Euclidean distance between toolmarks
get_featuresGet a feature vector for a pair of lands
get_groovesFind the grooves of a bullet land
get_grooves_middleUse the center of a crosscut
get_grooves_quadraticQuadratic fit to find groove locations
get_grooves_rollapplyUsing rollapply to find grooves in a crosscut
get_HCompute the Hausdorff distance between toolmarks
get_lagGet best lag for two vectors based on cross-correlation
get_lag_max_RGet R Statistic for Chumbley matching
get_peaksIdentify the location and the depth of peaks and heights at a...
get_peaks_nistIdentify the location and the depth of peaks and heights at a...
getTwistEstimate the twist in a bullet land
image.x3pPlot x3p object as an image
maxCMSNumber of maximum consecutively matching striae
my_ccfCross correlation function between two vectors
plot_3d_landPlot a bullet land using plotly
predCircleEstimate predictions and residuals for a circle fit of x and...
predSmoothEstimate predictions and residuals for a smooth of x and y
processBulletsProcess x3p file
read_datRead a dat file and create an x3p file
read_x3pRead an x3p file as an R Data Frame
sample_x3pSample every X element of a data frame
smoothloessPredict smooth from a fit
striation_identifyMatch striation marks across two cross sections based on...
unfortify_x3pConvert a data frame into an x3p file
write_x3p.defaultWrite an x3p file taking Lists:,,...
write_x3p.x3pWrite an x3p file taking Lists:,,...
xml_set_textinternal helper function
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