Man pages for erinboyleanderson/CellTrackingEBA
Cell tracking calculations

alpha.valueFunction for calculating alpha values
convergenceFunction for determining convergence of the limb field
convergenceMLFunction for determining ML convergence
displacement.funcFunction for determining displacement
displacement.XYFunction for determining 2D displacement
driftcorrectFunction for drift correction
helloHello, World!
label.somitesFunction for labelling LPM cells according to the somites...
MLquartileFunction for dividing the ML positions
persistance.funFunction for calculating persistance
rotateFunction for rotating embryo during registration process
rotate.somitesFunction for rotating the somites
scatterfunFunction for determining scatter
scatter.somiteFunction for determining scatter by somite
slopeFunction for calculating slope
speedfunSpeed function
tracklengthFunction for determining the total length of a track at any...
tracklength.somiteTracklength by somite for determining the number of tracks in range
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