rotate.somites: Function for rotating the somites

Description Usage Arguments


This function rotates the somites so they are aligned correctly. This is important for labelling the cells with the somite identity later


rotate.somites(somiteDF, bros, side)



Dataframe containing the boundary information. must include the following column names: Embryo, X, Y, boundary. Embryo is the number of the embryo, Boundary is the somite boundary, must be in the form 0-1, 1-2, etc where the numbers represent the somites that are being bound (ie 0-1 is the boundary between somite 0 and somite 1) ALSO MUST INCLUDE minimally boundary 0-1 and 5-6!


number of embryos in the dataframe


dataframe consisting of the number of the embryo, the side (L vs R) and a multiplier (-1 or 1) based on if the embryo is on the L or R side

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