Man pages for f0nzie/rNodal
Oil and Gas Well Nodal Analysis for Production Petroleum Engineering

biggerHdf5Find the bigger HDF5 file
calcCriticalsCalculate the pressure and temperature criticals
copyDataContainerCopy a HDF5 data container to user's folder
curves.0241Digitized version of Fancher and Brown curve. Brown Chapter 2...
dptdataset from Guo, example calculations
dunsros.0Duns and Ros correlation
dunsros.holdupHoldup function according to Duns & Ros Equation in 2.62 pg...
dunsros.numbersDuns and Ros adimensional numbers
fanbr.fanbrFancher and Brown correlation
ff.chenChen Friction factor correl1ation
fileInfoHdf5File info for all HDF5 files
friction.factorFriction factor calculatiobn using Colebrook
gas.fvfGas Formation Volume Factor, Bg. After Craft, pg 23 Specify...
gas.viscBase#' @include zfactor.R NULL Correlation for gas base viscosity...
getBasicCalcsHigh level function that calls any VLP model
getDefaultDataContainerNameGet the name of the default DataContainer a vector of unique groups in HDF5 file
getHDF5DumpFileGet dump HDF5 file
getHDF5DumpNameGet the temp name for HDF5 file
get.well.casesGet well observations. dataframe and count per /field/well
get_well_parametersGet the well input together with the basic calculations
get.well.slotAdd a record to HDF5 file of well inputs and outputs
hagbr.dummyHagedorn-Brown dummy function using 1/log10(P) and 1/log10(T)...
hagbr.guoHagedorn-Brown correlation as shown in Guo, Lyons, Ghalambor...
hagbr.modHagedorn correlation from the Brown's book. Procedure C.42
hGroup.existsCheck if a HDF5 specific group exists already in the file
holdup.griffithGriffith correlation for bubble-flow regime Mentioned in...
interp.fanbrInterpolation for Fancher and Brown correlation
is_hdf5_filesLogical response to presence of HDF5 files anywhere under...
listAllHdf5List all HDF5 files
loadVLPLoad only the source necessary for model or correlation Note:...
moody.ffMoody friction factor calculation
mu.gasCalculate gas viscosity Guo, pg 2/23
mu.rReduced viscosity of gas Dempsey correlation to find the...
named.listTake objects and create a list using their names
nodal_statusWhat is the status of the package
oil.dead_visc.BeggsRobinsonDead Oil viscosity by Beggs-Robinson
oil.fvfOil Formation Volumme Factor
oil.fvf.glasoFormation Volume Factor by Glaso
oil.fvf.standingOil Formation Volume Factor. Saturated. Standing
oil.Rs.standingGas oil solution ratio
oil.sat_visc.BeggsRobinsonSaturated oil viscosity by Beggs-Robinson Valid for pressures...
oil.shrinkageOil Shrinkage Craft, pg 35
readFromProjectEnvRead variable from environment
runVLPRun the VLP calculations
saveSessionSave the user HDF5 file to a persistant file
saveToProjectEnvSave a variable to the project environment
set_deviation_surveyBuild the deviation survey table given MD and TVD
set_vlp_inputSet the VLP input for the well
set_vlp_modelSet the VLP model definition
setVLPmodelSet model parameters such as tolerance for iterations,...
setWellInput-VLPSet the most common well inputs
stopifEnsure that R expressions are false in unit tests
VLPVLP constructor
VLP-classVLP class
VLPcontrolVLP calculation algorithm
water.fvf.mccoyWater Formation Volume Factor for water saturated wit gas....
WellDeviationSurvey-classWellDeviationSurvey structure
WellDeviationSurvey-functionsCompute the angle of a deviated well and cumulative...
writeHdf5Write dataset to HDF5 file
ZCalculate Z factors. Generic function
z.brillbeggsCalculate the Z factor with the Brill-Beggs correlation
z.hallyarboroughCalculate the Z factor using the Hall-Yarborough method
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