Man pages for fasterius/seqCAT
High Throughput Sequencing Cell Authentication Toolkit

calculate_similaritySNV profile similarity calculations
compare_manyComparisons of many SNV profiles
compare_profilesBinary SNV profile comparisons
create_profileSNV profile creation
filter_variantsVariant filtering
list_variantsList known variants
plot_heatmapPlot similarity heatmap
plot_impactsPlot SNV impact distribution
plot_variant_listPlot known variants list
read_cosmicRead COSMIC SNV data
read_profileRead SNV profile
seqCATseqCAT: High Throughput Sequencing Cell Authentication...
test_comparisonOverlapping and compared SNVs
test_profile_1SNV profile 1
test_profile_2SNV profile 2
test_profile_3SNV profile 3
test_similaritiesCollated similarities object
test_variant_listModified variant list object
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