API for fchamroukhi/MRHLP
Multiple Regression Model with a Hidden Logistic Process ('MRHLP') for Joint Segmentation of Multivariate Time Series

Global functions
IRLS Source code
MData Man page
MData-class Man page
ModelMRHLP Man page
ModelMRHLP-class Man page
ParamMRHLP Man page
ParamMRHLP-class Man page
StatMRHLP Man page
StatMRHLP-class Man page
designmatrix Source code
drnorm Source code
emMRHLP Man page Source code
lognormalize Source code
multinomialLogit Source code
normalize Source code
ones Source code
rand Source code
realdataset Man page
repmat Source code
selectMRHLP Man page Source code
toydataset Man page
zeros Source code
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