Man pages for federicogiorgi/vulcan
VirtUaL ChIP-Seq data Analysis using Networks

average_fragment_lengthDefine the average fragment length
corr2pConvert correlation coefficient to p-value
densityaucdensityauc - Calculate the AUC of a density object
dparetoProbability density of Pareto distributions
fisherpFisher integration of p-values
kmgformatkmgformat - Nice Formatting of Numbers
null_gseaCalculate Null Distribution for GSEA
p2corrConvert p-value to correlation coefficient
pareto.fitEstimate parameters of Pareto distribution
plot_gseaPlot GSEA results
pparetoCumulative distribution function of the Pareto distributions...
reaREA: Rank EnrichmeNt Analysis
stoufferStouffer integration of Z scores
textplot2textplot2 - An x y plot of non-overlapping text
val2colConvert a numeric vector into colors
vulcanVULCAN - VirtUaL Chipseq data Analysis using Networks
vulcan.annotateFunction to annotate peaks for VULCAN analysis
vulcan.importFunction to import BAM files
vulcan.normalizeFunction to normalize promoter peak data
vulcan.pathwaysFunction to calculate pathway enrichment over a ChIP-Seq...
wstoufferWeighted Stouffer integration of Z scores
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