Man pages for finite2/robustToxicities
Toxicity tables

CreateTimeDividersCreate period divides as a function of time from start of...
DefaultToxicityOptionsDefault 'toxicityOptions'.
FT_ToxTableFlexTable wrapper for toxicity tables
QueryRobustToxicitiesQuery RobustToxicities
robustToxicitiesClassThe robustToxicitiesClass
rt_patientDataToxicity data
SetupRobustToxicitiesrobustToxicitiesClass generator
toxicityOptionsToxicity Options class
ToxPlot_byCycleSummary plot of toxicities by cycle
ToxPlot_byPatientPlot patients worst grade over time
ToxPlot_byTimeSummary plot of toxicities over time
toxPlot_byToxicityPlot toxicities over time
ToxPlot_causalityInfocausalityInfo class
ToxPlot_eventInfoeventInfo class
ToxTable_categoriesGenerate a prettyTable of worst toxicity by category.
ToxTable_categoryTabulation of toxicity categories in a cycle
ToxTable_cycleTabulation of toxicities in a cycle
ToxTable_summarySummary table of toxicities
worstGradeByPatientGenerate worst grade by patient
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