Man pages for fizlaz/DUN
Team DUN Kaggle milestone

avg.aritarithmetic average of two models
avg.geomgeometric average of two models
cv.h2odlcross validation neural network h2o package
cv.mabcross validation maboost
cv.mxnetcross validation neural network mxnet package
cv.nncross validation neural network nnet package
cv.rfcross validation random forest
cv.rfmccross validation random forest multicore
cv.xgbcross validation xgboost
fmeta.glmmultinomial logistic meta predictor
fmeta.h2odlh2o deep learning meta predictor
fmeta.knnKNN meta predictor generator
fmeta.knnprobKNN meta predictor generator, probability output
fmeta.mabadaoost meta predictor (maboost package)
fmeta.rfRandom Forest meta predictor
fmeta.xgbxgboost meta predictor
full.rfDUN random forest model
full.xgbDUN xgboost model
wordWord frequency
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