Man pages for flahn/openeo-r-client
openEO client interface

api.versionReturns the API version
cancelJobTerminates a running job
collectionA collection object
connectConnect to a openeEO back-end
creditsReturns the users available credits
defineJobCreates a job on the back-end from a prepared task
defineServicePrepares and publishes a service on the back-end
defineUDFDefines a UDF on the server
deleteGraphDeletes a previously stored process graph
deleteServiceDeletes a service function for a job
deleteUserDataDeletes a file from the users workspace
describeCollectionDescribe a product
describeGraphFetches the representation of a stored graph
describeJobFetches information about a job
describeProcessDescribe a process
describeServiceDescribes a service
describeUdfTypeGets detailed information about a particular udf type
downloadJobCreates a list of download paths
downloadUserDataDownloads a file from the users workspace
executeTaskExecutes a job directly and returns the data immediately
followJobFollow an executed Job
listCapabilitiesReturns the offered enpoints of the openEO API
listCollectionsList Data on conected server
listFilesLists workspace files
listFormatsReturns the output formats
listGraphsLists the Ids of the process graphs from the current user
listJobsList the jobs that a user has
listProcessesList available processes on server
listServicesLists the current users services
loginFunction to login to a specific backend
mapCollectionCreates a map of collection footprints
mapServiceCreates a map with service
modifyJobModifies a job with given parameter
modifyServiceModifies a service
OpenEOClientOpenEO client class
orderResultDefines a job and starts the evaluation
pauseJobPauses a running batch job
pgbGet a process graph builder from the connection
processCreate a process object
ProcessGraphBuilderProcess graph builder
queueJobQueues a job on the back-end for evaluation
replaceGraphReplaces the current graph with a given
servicesReturns the offered webservice types of the back-end
storeGraphStores a graph on the back-end
taskToJSONWrapper for toJSON
udfRuntimesLists the supported UDF runtimes
uploadUserDataUploads data into the users workspace
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