Man pages for flr/FLAssess
Generic classes and methods for stock assessment models

assess-methodsCall an stock assessment model
dataFLAssess dataset
FLAssess-classFLAssess class and methods
FLAssess.retro-classClass FLAssess.retro
FLSepVPA.control-classControl class for FLSepVPA
no.discards-methodsSets catch data if no discards
plotFLAssess-methodsPlot method for FLAssess class
projectprojection method for FLStock objects
projectControlcontrol object for the project method for FLStock objects
retroRetrospective stock assessment in FLR
SepVPA-methodsSeparable Virtual Population Analysis in FLR
stf-methodsProjection preparation for FLR
VPA-methodsVirtual Population Analysis in FLR
ZCalculates total mortality
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